Dominic Scott
Healthier Pizza

Our Unique Ancient Grain Dough

Nudo Pizza offers a healthier alternative to casual greasy pizza. Whole wheat dough and organic gourmet toppings aimed at the health-conscious consumer.

All our pizzas are a healthier alternative to the current market leaders as well as being available in any of the following variations – vegetarian, gluten free, halal and vegan.

We have a unique blend of six grains making up our unique base, called “New – Dough”. Including the following flours:

Buckwheat , Einkorn , Organic wholemeal Teff , Emmer, Khorosan and Wholemeal Spelt.

Moving on to the two main ingredients that complement our “New-Dough” We have only the finest cheese matched perfectly to our incomparable tomato sauce.

Finally, there are our gourmet toppings; which really demonstrate how you can have real “pizza love guilt free”

  • Gluten Free Option

  • Buckwheat Flour

  • Einkorn Flour

  • Organic wholemeal Teff  Flour

  • Emmer  Flour

  • Khorosan  Flour

  • Wholemeal Spelt Flour